Do you find your business being driven by technology rather than by your business needs?

Business Driven Technology Architecture is the mantra for successful companies  while Technology Driven Product Development ignores business requirements, thereby significantly impacting a company’s growth.

New Edge Technology Consultants partners with your Business Development organization in defining or your product suites, key business logic, workflows, and use cases, which are then validated by your customers. Additionally, we partner with your R&D organizations to ensure that the right technology and architecture are defined to support your business.

We work closely with software development teams in setting up validation labs so that the business logic, workflows, and use cases can be validated internally via Proof of Concepts (POC). During the validation process, Key Performance, Extensibility, and Scalability Indicators are set and measured. Validation of key business logic, workflows, and use cases before the first development iteration is critical in avoiding major course correction during the development phase.