Our In-depth Expertise and Passion for Cloud-enabled Software has taught us the Importance of Speed of Innovation!

New Edge Technology Consultants has partnered with Board of  Directors, CEOs, and senior executives to guide young companies in scaling the technology framework to align with their vision and business growth.  We believe that every company we work with provides a unique solution in its respective market space, which requires a technology and architecture  framework tailored to support its business. We bring decades of unique experience to guide these start-ups on emerging technologies, recommend the most optimal strategy for growth, and work closely with their architecture board to execute proof of concepts.

We bring strong industry experience and have coached emerging companies on software (Agile) development best practices in global development environments. Ensuring a good balance between Technology enhancements, New Functionality, Performance, Bug Diagnostics. and Escalations (Bug Diagnostics & Escalations) is key for quality predictable releases.