Software Development is an Art, not a Science!

Emerging companies often invest heavily in developing new software functionality and give little or no importance to Performance, Scalability, flexible architecture, technology enhancements and upgrades, thereby critically increasing their technology debt.

This unbalanced investment often results in questionable release quality and poor release predictability, performance, and scalability leading to frustrated customers, a fact that quickly becomes very evident in the Cloud space.

New Edge Technology Consultants works closely with development organizations in enhancing their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to ensure the implementation of industry standard software development best practices. We work hand in hand to transition R&D teams to Agile development methodology, including Test Driven Development (TDD), and Done Done concepts. For teams already using Agile development methodology, we help them fine tune their processes to ensure high quality releases.

New Edge Technology Consultants collaborates with senior management teams to recommend R&D Organizations’ team structures for optimal productivity. We partner with Business and R&D to ensure that their teams’ capacity for major releases is smartly distributed among Bugs, Technology Enhancements, User Experience, and  New functionality. This distribution provides a strong safeguard in ensuring that Quality and Technology debt is addressed appropriately to meet customers’ expectations.

New Edge Technology Consultants brings strong industry experience to ensure maximum productivity and benefits for organizations with distributed global development. We  help companies to set up extended development centers in cost-effective countries, leveraging our strong partnerships with several outsourcing organizations.