Making the Right Technology Choices for your Business

Bewildered by the range of technology stacks available to you?

Relational Database vs Nosql? Mongo vs Couch? Memchached vs Ehcache? Restful endpoints vs SOAP? Python vs Java vs PHP vs Ruby on Rails, AWS vs Google Cloud?

Open source vs licensed technologies?

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Maximing Software Development Productivity

Software Development is an Art, not a Science!

Emerging companies often invest heavily in developing new software functionality and give little or no importance to Performance, Scalability, flexible architecture, technology enhancements and upgrades, thereby critically increasing their technology debt.

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Validation of Business Driven Technology Architecture

Do you find your business being driven by technology rather than by your business needs?

Business Driven Technology Architecture is the mantra for successful companies  while Technology Driven Product Development ignores business requirements, thereby significantly impacting a company’s growth.

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New Edge Technology Consultants empowers emerging start-ups and mid-size companies to enhance their business capabilities with predictable software product releases which meets industry standards on  quality and performance We provide strategic advice on global Agile development best practices as well as the design and development of scalable and extensible architectures with enterprise capabilities.

Perfection is an Art which should be Practiced with Passion!


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